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Canadian immigration is a regulated process, and we all are aware about the ongoing scams by consultants pretending to be legally appointed to provide immigration related advice and services to the clients but in reality, they are deceiving people. This is a criminal offence and could put hefty fines and charges on them.


However, at Sober Immigration we take these regulations extremely seriously and only work with legally authorized Agents, who are registered with ICCRC as per the agent regulation.


This is an amazing opportunity of getting involved in Canadian Immigration profession, and alongside earns commissions on successful cases.

Express Entry process and understanding the eligibility criterion

An RCIC (Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant) is licensed to provide legal advice and services related to Canadian Immigration Programs. For this service, they might charge fees from the client while an Immigration Agent is not RCIC but merely an extension of the licensed consultant where they are located globally and supervised by the person who appointed them. Agents assist and consultants find clients. An Agent is not authorized to charge a client for their services, as the RCIC pays the agent a fee for each successful case.

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