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Canadian businesses may lawfully bring in talented foreign workers with the use of an LMIA Service Canada, which is a government-issued permission or paperwork authorizing the hiring of the foreign worker. If the LMIA comes back positive, it means there is a high demand for a foreign worker with the requisite skills to fill the position. It also means that no other Canadian national or permanent resident of Canada is willing or able to take the position. As a result, Canadian companies require a favorable LMIA immigration consultant in order to bring in foreign employees with specialized skills.

When applying for an LMIA, what steps must be taken?

For the applicant to be legally able to work in Canada, the employer must first get a favorable LMIA from ESDC. It’s important to note that the LMIA application procedure varies depending on the nature of the program for which you’re looking to fill a position.


In order to pass the LMIA Application, the applicant has to do the following.


Both the employer & the employee must be eligible for the program, and the employer must have a job bank account for the application to be processed. Other requirements include: submitting the LMIA Service Canada application, business legitimacy proof, proof of recruitment, employment contract, and job offer; submitting the program’s processing fee via the official portal; and receiving the positive LMIA in the form of a letter.

What are the minimum eligibility requirements?

To apply for Work Permit, Workers need:

A valid Canadian job offer

     1-An employment contract

     2-A copy of the LMIA

     3-The LMIA number

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